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Pilots Operating Handbook

The Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH) is a comprehensive set of instructions, rules and limits set out by the manufacturer. Think of it as the ‘owners manual’ of an aircraft.

Examples of a full POH for two popular training aircraft are below – please note that these are examples only and each aircraft will have their own specific POH. Ask your instructor for yours!

Cessna C172 (N) 1977 Full Pilot’s operating Handbook (POH)

Piper PA28 161 Warrior II 1982 Full Pilot’s operating Handbook (POH)

The main parts of interest include:

  • Performance Specifications
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Performance
  • Weight And Balance Calculations
  • System Descriptions
  • Service & Maintenance Instructions

The POH is very useful to every pilot using an aircraft, not solely owners. When flying a plane without an instructor, the pilot requires to have full knowledge of the operating limits is required.

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