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My name is Derek and, having spent many, many years teaching PPL’s to obtain their licence, I now enjoy specialising in completing training courses studied elsewhere and revalidating private licences including: expired twin and IMC ratings. All this is done with one important aim – to put the fun back into flying end learning to fly.

Among the “training completed to PPL licence” issues, are many students of all ages from all parts of the country who come with a lot of hours but-

A) With too much of the “easy to do” cosy dual hours but not enough solo and, as the student perceives, not too much hope of doing it either. This malady is usually caused by part-time or inexperienced teachers who can’t really see the point or lack the judgement to complete the solo part of the PPL syllabus or

B) A complete lack of clear, concise direction as to show how and in what order the remainder of the course is going to be conducted.

My opinion is that, with considerable teaching experiences and an understanding of the problems that undoubtedly exist, much is the result of teachers thinking that you can teach by showing. I  am indeed convinced that some of my customers have perhaps 35 hours in a logbook – and I doubt it some of them have a real 10 hours.

Consider for example learning to ride a two-wheeled cycle by watching Dad showing you how to do it. Rubbish isn’t it? You could watch forever. I have even had some students with 10 or 15 hours or more who tell me the instructor “does” the radio. (Does that touch a tender spot?)

Sometimes I have completed courses where the student has a lack of confidence, which leaves them thinking that they’re not very good. Not so, say I. What has often happened in these cases, is that mentally the instructor has “given up” and the lessons have become a comfortable purposeless ride.

It may be the exams that worry you, and its not surprising when many schools literally throw the books at you and (or not) snatch the odd moment to help you.

I can tell you, I am still astonished how much I can teach someone one one to one individual ground school, and it will surprise you as well. We talk all day and you do the exam the same day – around 5 days and all the exams are done. Ask for details and stop worrying. Get home at night after work, grab a large whisky, and expect to study? …. It doesn’t work, does it!

All I can say is, don’t give up. Flying is great fun and I can help you get the most out of it both financially, building your own ability and easing you through what may seem difficult learning curves. You may of course have a PPL or rating which has time expired and I will be happy to explain how easy it is to renew it. Give me a call day or evening on 078315 17428. It will cost you very little to give me a ring, but it could save you a fortune in flying training hours and heartache and reward you with what you’ve always wanted.

Don’t let it fade away.

Derek Davidson – CFI / Examiner

50 Years a Teacher