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I am sure you are aware that there are huge advantages in completing your I.M.C Rating in Controlled Airspace with all the facilities. Radar and 11.5 Published Procedures. In addition, your radio will be brought up to speed such as you may never again be shy to enter controlled airspace.

Yes, it may be a little more expensive than doing it at a pokey grass strip. Keeping aircraft at Bournemouth International Airport is not cheap and I am a professional teacher with a lifetime’s experience, not a 21 year old with not much more experience, possibly less, than you!

You will have my undivided attention when you are with me, and I hope you’ll have an enjoyable time during your stay.

For a full course price, please contact me 07831517428

Price EXCLUDES the flight test because it is an unreasonable assumption that everyone passes it first time, but the total flight time for the test is approximately 1.3 hours. However, if you fail, I’d do the next test for FREE!

Navigation/ Landing charges

I try to complete an instrument approach at three airfields. Prices will vary, but is usually included in the landing fees.

Ground School

I sit with you on a totally person to person basis and complete as much ground school as you require before I set the exam for you. Total price of ground school and exam is £129.

NB; The future of IMC ratings is assured now we have left EASA

This is the most useful Rating you will perhaps ever do, but it does need doing properly otherwise it’s not only useless, but, dangerous as well. I am not claiming to be the only person doing it properly, but I am one of them and really do care that you should get the very best out of your time with me.


Derek Davidson